Kaymanta offers a variety of luxury rugs in different textures and exclusive decor accents. 
​However, our best trait is the personalized service we give each of our clients, and the possibility to customize each rug and individualize it.


Our biggest capital is the participation in major projects.
We make custom carpets in size, design, and colors.

​​Our rugs are made by hand from premium natural materials worked in different techniques like hand-loomed, hand-knotted and hand-woven. Each carefully crafted.

Our cowhide products are crafted using only genuine, premium quality hair-on-hide leader and taking care of every detail to satisfy our exclusive portfolio of clients.


Matched rugs made for Alejandra Pombo Estudio.
The designer has chosen for her Itaca project, a base in very fine NZ wool and the pattern in viscose.

All our rugs are made by hand and with natural materials on diverse techniques, hand-loom, hand-tufted, and hand-woven

Huge area carpet made for Miguel Valcárcel.
The designer has chosen the Élysée design combining  NZ Wool and Viscose

To assure the best quality and a sustainable work environment, Kaymanta has partnered with two key institutions. Cair & Fair, which certifies that there are no children involved in the production of any of our products and ARS who works with us in the selection of the colors we work with.